S.H. McCord

About S.H. McCord

S.H. McCord grew up just north of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, Georgia in the days before bicycle helmets when children dammed creeks and were allowed to play with lawn darts… a time that, for better or worse, has passed. He went to North Springs High School and then on to Georgia Tech where he majored in Industrial Management and graduated in 1986. He earned his MBA at the University of Memphis while working as an Engineering Specialist at FedEx and later made a living as a general contractor and estimator in residential home construction. In 2008, S.H. McCord finally realized a lifelong dream and took a job teaching seventh grade math just a stone’s throw away from where he grew up in Sandy Springs. In 2011, the first year he was eligible, he won Teacher of the Year for his school. In 2012, McCord realized another dream and published his first novel, The Bones of Boulder Creek. Traditionally trained as neither educator nor writer, McCord’s experiences and insights have captured the hearts and minds of both his students and his readers.

A father of five, McCord spends weekends at soccer matches, shuttling kids, and worrying about the boys his daughters date.

The Bones of Boulder Creek is available at any local bookstore, in paperback on CreateSpace.com or in paperback and on Kindle at Amazon.com.
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